The 3 most well known MAC red lipsticks

The 3 most well known MAC red lipsticks MAC red lipsticks are probably the most well known on the planet. In any case, which one of them is appropriate for you?

Ever wondered which MAC red lipstick might suit you? Or even what difference there really is between the most cult favourite shades? Well, we’ve decided to put 3 of the most popular side by side so you can compare them properly.

Above you can see the pictures of Lady Danger, Russian Red and Ruby Woo. They look exquisite, yet it’s somewhat dubious to see precisely what’s happening right?

Here you can see the swatches. Once more, from left to right, we have the Mac red lipsticks in: Lady Danger, Russian Red and Ruby Woo.

The primary thing that you see is the manner by which warm Lady Danger is. This sort of shade works particularly well on pallid, olive and tanned skin tones. Russian Red is cooler with a more blue/red tone to it and when all is said in done will supplement pale, Celtic skin tones and darker skin tones as well. Ruby Woo, is a genuine red. This means it can (and does) work for any skin tone – which is one reason why it’s so well known!

So there you have it, three of the most religion great MAC red lipsticks, one next to the other. Is it true that you is most loved there?

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